Welcome to Business Intelligence Consultancy

Business Intelligence is the technology to collect, store, analyze, and access the data to help organizations and businesses make better business decisions. Business Intelligence solution uses various pioneer concepts and technologies such as Data Warehousing Concepts, ETL/ Informatica Power Center, Business Objects, Control M.

Business Intelligence Consultancy (BIC) has years of industrial experience in end to end BI solution implementation and consultancy. BIC has the expertise in various concepts , technologies and tools with the experience in Consultancy, Mentoring, Training & Solution.

BIC believe in the chinese proverb "Better to light a candle than to curse the darkness."

Innovation, Intelligence and Out of the box approach has helped BIC to achieve the trust of its customers in the domain of consultancy as well as mentoring. BIC provides solution and training in Business Intelligence domain in below mentioned concepts, technologies and platform such as Data Warehousing Concepts, ETL/ Informatica Power Center, Oracle, PL/SQL, Reporting / Business Objects, Scheduling / Control M, Platform/ Unix.

Apart from technological topics we have also a professional panel which exclusively aims on providing outsourced Interview panel and interview preparation mentoring.